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Busy Enterprise Edition Price & Features

Busy enterprise edition is a captivate and full-fledge enterprise accounting level software. It includes busy basic and standard edition offers along with Head Office Branch Office Data Synchronisation, Voucher /Master Approval Et Rejection and more. It is especially designed to cater the business accounting software solutions. It is best suitable for small businesses as well as fortunate companies. With its friendly and powerful dashboard stakeholder can easily analyze, report, and facilitate decisions in time.

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Enterprise Edition Single User

Rs. 18000

Enterprise Edition Dual User

Rs. 27000

Enterprise Edition Multi User

Rs. 45000

Busy software Enterprise Edition Features:

Read the complete busy software enterprise edition features below:

  • Multi-Company / Multi-Financial Year
  • Pre-defined Masters for Instant Start
  • Multiple Voucher Series for each Voucher Type
  • User-definable Optional Fields in Masters / Vouchers
  • Voucher entry while viewing reports & vice-versa
  • Voucher Cancellation
  • Search / Sort / Filter / Group all Screen Reports
  • Reports Export (Plain File / HTML / PDF / MS-Excel)
  • Printing in Draft Mode (DOS-Like)
  • Drill Down from All Reports to Voucher Level
  • Print Preview
  • Graphs & Charts
  • User-Definable Shortcuts / Favourites Menu
  • Party Dashboard at the time of Voucher Feeding
  • Images / Notes in Account / Item Masters
  • Option to Change Labels & Captions in Data Entry Forms
  • User-definable Columns in Reports
  • Custom Validations in Masters / Vouchers
  • All Books of Accounts
  • Balance Sheet with various Schedules
  • Outstanding Reports - Bill-by-bill basis
  • Daily / Monthly Summaries of Accounts / Groups
  • Printing of Bank Deposit Slip
  • Configurable Payment Reminder Letters
  • Depreciation Chart (As per Co. Act / IT Act)
  • Ageing Analysis on FIFO Basis
  • Interest Calculation with Automatic Posting in Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Columnar Accounts Registers (Configurable)
  • Handling of Post-dated Cheques (PDC)
  • Configurable Balance Sheet & Profit / Loss A/c
  • Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Cost Centres
  • Broker-wise Reporting
  • Royalty Calculation
  • Sub-Ledgers
  • VAT Invoicing (Tax / Retail)
  • Multiple Taxes in Single Invoice
  • Tax Inclusive / MRP Billing
  • Fully User-Configurable Invoicing
  • Mfg / Trading Excise Invoicing
  • POS Data Entry Screen for Fast Billing
  • All books of Inventory
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods
  • Multiple Material Centres
  • Daily / Monthly Summaries of Items / Item Groups
  • Item Critical Levels (Reorder / Minimum / Maximum)
  • Stock Ageing on FIFO Basis
  • Sales / Purchase Return in Sales / Purchase Vouchers
  • Provision for FREE QTY in Inventory Vouchers
  • Primary, Alternate and Packaging Unit for each Item
  • Batch-wise Inventory with Mfg. / Expiry Date
  • Item Serial Number-wise Tracking
  • Parameterized Stock Maintenance (Size, Colour etc.)
  • Multiple Price-Lists for Items
  • Party-wise Price Structure for Items / Item Groups
  • Item-Qty-wise Price / Discount Slabs
  • Date-wise Item Pricing
  • BOM / Production Planning
  • Production / Unassemble
  • Accounting in Pure Inventory Vouchers
  • Job work Management with Auto Posting in Accounts
  • Cash Flow / Funds Flow
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Masters / Vouchers Statistics
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis
  • Profitability Reports (on various parameters)
  • Budgets / Targets / Credit Limits
  • Multi-Company Results
  • Production Variance Report
  • Enterprise Document Printing
  • User-configurable Invoice / Documents / Letters
  • User-configurable Accounting Vouchers
  • ST Forms Reminder Letters (Configurable)
  • Sale-in-Transit Register
  • VAT Returns (State-specific)
  • VAT e-Returns (State-specific)
  • VAT Registers (State-specific)
  • Columnar VAT Registers (Configurable)
  • VAT / GST Summary
  • Party-wise VAT / CST / GST Summary
  • Item-wise VAT / CST / GST Summary
  • ST Forms Receivable / Issuable
  • GST Reports & Returns
  • User-definable Warning Alarms
  • Data Freezing (Full / Selective)
  • Fully User-definable Access Rights
  • Restrict back-dated entries (Full / Partial)
  • Voucher Audit
  • Option to bind Data / User with Selective Computers
  • Data Checklist
  • Triggers & Alerts
  • Voucher / Master Approval with Provision for Rejection
  • User Activity Log
  • Master Series Group (User-wise)
  • Pop-up Calculator
  • Year-wise Data Back-up and Restore
  • Price-List Printing
  • Label Printing (Accounts / Items)
  • Merging of Account / Item Masters
  • Voucher Replication / Duplication
  • Powerful Query System to Search Data on Different Criterion
  • Search Party from Name / Mobile / Email
  • Block / Deactivate Accounts / Items
  • Import Masters from MS-Excel / Text File
  • Import Vouchers from MS-Excel
  • Data Export / Import (XML)
  • Direct Email / SMS to parties
  • SQL Query Executor
  • Notes / Task Manager
  • Automatic Data Backup (Client-Server editions only)
  • Message Center
  • Web Based Reporting Through Your PC / Mobile / Tablet
  • Account / Item Balances on your Mobile Through SMS
  • Ledger / Pending Bills / Daily Sales Through Email
  • Customers Can View their Ledger / Pending Bills on their Own
  • Configurable Salary Components (Earnings & Deductions)
  • Employee-wise Salary Structure (Configurable)
  • Daily / Monthly Salary Calculation
  • PF / ESI Registers and Returns
  • Loan / Advance Management
  • Automatic Posting in Accounts
  • Sales / Purchase Quotations
  • Sales / Purchase Order
  • Sales / Purchase Challan
  • Purchase Indent Management
  • Service Tax
  • TDS/ TCS
  • Mobile App
  • Digital Signature
  • MFG/ Trading Excise
  • Customer Management

Busy Enterprise Edition Price

Busy software enterprise edition price are affordable and worth the investment. Busy enterprise multi user prices let you help you in an absolute manner to trump accounting management.

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Account Management Software for Small Business

Busy enterprise edition is all about account management software for small businesses. Currently it is the best accounting and billing software for small business. It supports typically all-major accounting solutions be it gst accounting and billing software, accounting and inventory software, etc.
Moreover, it is liked by 30000+ clients and rated as the best GST & Billing software for small business. Our busy enterprise software edition can assist you with robotizing steps of the bookkeeping cycle, permitting you to invest energy on the main thing, such as developing your business.

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