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About Us

Busy is a Best accounting software for all businesses which includes inventory management, payroll, point of sale, barcode management, GST filling return etc. Our Services Help You for Many Chartered accountants, GSTIN, Tax Consultants & Accountants are using busy software.

Busy Accounting Software

Busy accounting software is an integrated business GST accounting software designed to work with the following existing three tiers: First-tier- Input channel, which accepts data from users before processing it to generate the required reports.


  1. Multi Company
  2. Multi Currency
  3. Multi -Location
  4. Customer Management
  5. Document Management
  6. Checks & Controls
  7. Task Management
  8. TDS/TCS Management
  9. Detailed Documentation
  10. GST Invoicing
  11. Sales Transactions
  12. Bank Reconciliation
  13. Multi Branch
  14. Accounting
  15. GST Registration
  16. GSTIN Validation
  17. Return Filing
  18. Security
  19. User Interface & Reporting
  20. Simplified Interface
  21. Insightful Business Reports
  22. Accounting & Invoicing
  23. GST / Taxation

Busy Accounting Software Available in 3 Editions

Busy Accounting Software

Basic Edition

  • All Books of Accounts
  • Multi-Godown Inventory
  • Configurable Invoice Printing
  • GST Reports & Returns
  • GSTIN & HSN Validation
  • PDC Entry & Bank
Busy Accounting Software

Standard Edition

  • All Features in Busy Basic Edition
  • Advance Inventory Management (Batch, MRP, Sr. No. & Parameter Wise Details)
  • Manufacturing/ Production Features
  • Scheme management
Busy Accounting Software

Enterprise Edition

  • All Features in Busy Standard Edition
  • Payroll Management
  • Head Office-Branch
  • Office Data Synchronisation
  • User Activity Log
  • Voucher Approval..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Busy Software?

BUSY is a business accounting software used by Micro, Small and Medium businesses worldwide.BUSY Accounting Software with Inventory, Billing, VAT, Excise, Service Tax & TDS.

What is the use of busy software?

BUSY helps small business manage not just their accounts but also their business processes and operational controls. FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution, and Service. It is an integrated business accounting software for Micro, Small and Medium businesses.

Is Busy or Tally Better?

Busy Provides a many features and many reports like Import vouchers and masters From Ms EXcel, Multicurrency, Automatic Backup Facility,Data Freezing, profitability Reports,Sale Purchage analysis,Interest Calculate after Reconciliation , It is much better than tally with both option Uncleared, Cleared & All Entries

How do you split a company in busy?

Go to spilit financial year- select company and enter super user name and password and select financial year to be split.

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